Newbie Guide (NPC,Basic Commands etc)

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Newbie Guide (NPC,Basic Commands etc)

Post by Admin024 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:07 pm


Join a Party : Start > Options > Controls > Party Finder > Set a Hotkey

Awake : Put the item you want to awake on the first slow of your inventory, then type / awake

Self-Buff (Lv 120 up players) : Start > System > User Panel > Buff

Teleport : Start > Options > Controls > Teleport > Set Hotkey

Model Changer : Start > System > Model Change

How to enable pet filter : Press Letter U then after editing what you don’t want to pick up, tick PF On/Off

NPCs :


Dior - Flying Items

[Non Donor Shop] Cindy - Non Donor Acces, Custom Buff Pets, Perfect Gem Stones, Nepthys Weapons, Non Donor Fashion.

Sonia - Tickets, Scrolls, Premiums

Donate Card Mike - Donate Cards exchanger

[CoH/FlyBoards] Baron - Customized Flying Boards, Cloak of Honor

Mikyel - Bloody Set exchanger, Cards B - A exchanger , Custom Fash, Event Tokens Exchanger

Mary - Shied and Weapon Model (KFC Exchanger)

Juria Bank - Lord Weapons (Donate Weaps)


Mickey - Fashion Shop

Shop Map Ticket :

Farm Chip CS Shop - KFC based Custom Fashion Parts

Eprisa Ticket Area :

[Secret Merchant] Pierre - Donate Set, Non donor cloak and mask


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