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Beginner’s Guide

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:49 am

Hello Krazy Flyffers ,Beginner's Guide by Omen /coolFirst of all pag nasa game na kayo Level 1 configure nyo muna yung mga hotkeys nyo located at :

Start > Options > Controls ( Double click then press any key of your desired key )You may claim your Beginners pack in our GM's online just type ( /gmlist ) para malaman nyo kung sinong online na GM/Gm'sBeginner's Pack is consists of these following items :• Booster pack or Ampli for Level 61-80

• 3 pcs. PerinWhat to do next? LEVELING TIMAAAAA!!! Here's my personal guide for Beginners where to and what monsters to kill :Press M then Top Right may Aibatt dyan nakikita san located yung monsters at tsaka pag translucy or yung medyo malabo tas di macliclick yung Aibatt na nasa top right ng map Just press C Smile

• Level 1-15 = Flarine Monsters starting from Aibatt down to Nyangnyang
Then change job(Assist,Mercenary,Acrobat and Magician)

• Level 15-40/45 = Saint Morning Monsters from Bang down to Hobo

• Level 45-60 = Darkon 1 Monsters starting from Trangfoma down to Crane
Then change to secondary jobs of your desired job

• Level 60-75 = Azria monsters( Use Azria Ticket ) (Yetti and Mutant Yetti)

• Level 75-90/95 = Azria monsters( Augo and Mutang Augu)

• Level 95-105 = Azria monsters( Skeleton Prince and King above Mutant yettis )• Level 105-120 = Azria monsters( Mammoth and Cannibal Mammoth )

Then rebirth to Level 60 Master Smile

• Level 60Master-121Hero = Same monsters mentioned above ^

• Level 121Hero - 130/135Hero = Trasiea monsters( Use Traseia Ticket ) ride a board and transfer to different islands hehehe may mga monsters lang dun

• Level 130/135Hero = 150Hero(Max) = Dark Traseia Monsters ( Use Dark Traseia Ticket ) similar map ng Traseia normal Smile))and Lastly, Enjoy the Game!!! Spread and Share Krazy Life para masayaa ang buhaaay!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLTIPS : PAG NAGPAPALEVEL MAS MAGANDA PAG MAY MGA AMPLI'S NA MABIBILI LANG THRU DONATE AT A VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE :)NAGLEVEL KANA NAGKATULONG KAPA SA SERVER Smile))))))Good Day and Have fun mga KaKrazieeees Smile

From the Krazy FlyFF Team


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