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Newcomers guide

Post by Potato on Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:44 am


Today I'm showing you the Leveling guides, Basic tips and farming tricks

First of all I'm gonna teach you the basic tips:
configure your hotkeys. located at :
• Start > Options > Controls. Double click then press any key you want.( very important to use Party Finder, Teleporter, Backpack and Burnout).

-To awake/reawake type (/awake).Put your item on the first slot on your inventory. Works on Cloaks, Weapons, Shield, Set, Fashion every awake cost 300k penya.
-To look for set effects type (/wiki)
-To see the online GM's type (/gmlist)

Sonia- Located at Flarine / near upgrade npc - sells Scrolls, Prems,Tickets.
[Cash Shop]Trixy- Located at Flarine / near [General] Lui - sells Pickuppet, Petbeads.
[COH/NewFlyf boards]Baron- Located at Flarine / Near make up artist- sells cool flying boards and coh(Cloak of Honor)
[Non Donor shop]Cindy- Located at Flarine / near Pet Tamer - sells Nepthys Weapons,Perfect gem stone,Ultimate Cloaks,cool Accesories and cool pickuppets.
[Public Office]Juria- Located at Flarire / near Postbox- sells lord/donate weapons
[Fashion Shop] Mickey- Located at Saintmorning / near entrance - sells Fashion sets,hair.
[Secret Merchant]Pierre- Located at Epriza(you need to buy Epriza ticket to get there)/ near Colosseum manager - sells donate set, pvp cloaks and wings.


KFC= Krazy flyff Chips
DC= Donate Chips
RC= Red Chips
SC= Secret Chips


EXP Potions
EXP Potions are the games number one way to increase your EXP. When just starting,You may claim your Beginners pack in our GM's. just type ( /gmlist ) to know who's online. Beginner's Pack is consists of Amplification for Level 61-80 and 3 Perins. You are going to use these EXP potions around level 61-80. If you run out of Amplification you can buy Scroll of Amplification EM(100%) at Flarine NPC (Sonia) and Scroll of Amplification ES(50%) on Donation or on Players.

Dual-Client (with a leecher)!
This means playing with two clients at once. Why, you ask? Let me explain. Firstly create a character (not your main which you will be leveling, but just a so called 'leecher') and level it to level 20. Then create your main character and level to at least 40. The level gap must at least be 20 to NOT level-up your leecher. This way you will gain the most EXP. Get the leecher on a board (or any flying vehicle) and follow your main character. You will get a ton more exp, however you need to be in a party. See the next point.

Advanced Party
Being in an advanced party will get you a ton more exp. Try to get you and your leecher (if you have one) in the same advanced party (Click Start>System>Party Finder and search->join an advanced party). Also make sure you're in a party that's quite (4 or 5 people already in the party = good)

Lord's Event
The lords event can be seen in the right top of your game client. Try to level when the event gives 50% extra exp, as shown here: extra exp from a lord's event.

Let's start the leveling, shall we? First off, get some buffs at a buff-pang
Next, go outside Flarine(friendly advice never mess with small aibatts)
Ignore small Aibatts
Kill Muspangs then move to Demians
Kill Demians move to Lawolf
kill Lawolf until you're level 15 then choose job

Next, teleport to Saintmorning
Kill the Bangs until you're level 20
Kill the Giggleboxes and other monsters until you're level 30
Kill the Totemia's and later on the Cardpuppets until you're level 42

Then,you'll see the Coral ticket on your inventory. double click it. Kill mobs there until lvl 55

Then,Teleport to Flarine and enter the Forsaken Tower(right side of Siege npc), floor B1 to start with. The levels to go for in this tower are shown when you enter the tower. After level 120 you'll be level60M(MasterClass).Then, same rotation floor B1 to B5 again.

After level120M you'll be 121H(HeroClass). Then go to Flarine npc(Sonia) buy Traseia Ticket (level123-138 monsters). After that buy Dark Traseia Ticket (level 140-150 monsters).

if you want to farm fast but doesn't have items yet go Coral Island(you need to buy Coral island ticket) kill small kingster it drops 3pcs of KFC(Krazy FlyffChips) per mob . wear coh(cloak of honor) for additional drop and treasure hunter (party skill).

If you have any more questions just comment or pm me ingame.

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