Dungeon Boss and Drops

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Dungeon Boss and Drops

Post by Admin024 on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:04 pm

Tramnuk [Oloccip] lvl80 - Champion, Defenders, Adept parts, Lusaka Weapons

Tramnuk M [Oliccip] lvl80 Master - Champion, Defenders, Adept parts, Xtal Lusaka Weapons

Vulcano [Red Meteonyker] - Bloody Weapons , Gems

Aminus Master [Desmodon / Lykanos] - Vampire Weapons, Gems, Cards A and 7%

Aminus Hero [Cursed Desmodon / Lykanos ] - Ancient Weapons, Gems, Cards A and 7 %

Krazy Dungeon [Kheldor] - Dryad Parts, Gems

Bahara Dessert [Basilisk of Great Maw] - Secret Chips, Pet Beads

Dreadful Cave [ Razgul ] - Nepthys Shield, Nepthys Book, War Shield, Secret Chips, Cards A and 7%

Kalgas Cave [ Ankou ] - Kalgas Set Parts, Gems,

Aminus Map Giants - Secret Chips

Coral Island - Krazy FlyFF Chips

Collectors Area - Donate Chips, Premium items, Scroll of Holy

Guild Siege - Red Chips


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