Server connection help

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Server connection help

Post by Khaycee on Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:20 am

Hello since there are no question sections here. Im gonna leave this thread here.. im having issues on connecting to the server. I can only play on the server around 1am to 7am gmt+8. When i play on any other hours, its either i cant connect or i can go ingame but nothing moves, i cant even buff myself. Im sure its not my internet connection. Because i can surf the web anytime i want without any interruption on my connection, i can even watch vids on youtube while playing with just a little lag on hours mentioned above. But when it comes past 7-8am thats the start of my disconnection. Idk why this is happening, im playing already around a week but this problem still exist. I tried to search other forums for possible solutions but nothing works for me. Can anybody help me please. Hopefully i fix it soon


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